Each client has a unique set of circumstances requiring a carefully considered strategy. We develop strategies that are designed to maximise outcomes, and protect you against any unforeseen risk that may adversely affect the outcome of any contemplated restructuring initiative.

We can protect you against claims by ensuring that any transactions entered into by, or with, distressed businesses are properly executed and commercially justifiable. This includes the proper structuring of funding from directors, shareholders and new investors, as well as the correct documenting of all related party dealings and transactions.

For your further peace of mind and confidence, we guarantee that the value we add through our involvement will always exceed the cost of our services (it effectively will cost you nothing).  For this reason we will only accept an engagement if we know we can achieve the desired outcome for you.

This is a crucial point of difference between us and other investment and advisory groups, and underpins our focus on ongoing strategic and proactive transaction management.


This service includes:

  • Director Representation
  • Intermediary
  • Proposal Formulation
  • Expert Defence Preparation
  • Claim Settlement

It’s never too early to start making the best of a bad situation! If you are in the unfortunate position of having to deal with an administrator, liquidator or receiver, we can advise, assist and represent you in what can often be challenging times.

If your business is in transition, or you’re about to navigate through the complex waters of formal insolvency, we can be an independent advisor, intermediary and negotiator, advocating for you while working closely and collaboratively alongside the relevant professionals and stakeholders.

Formally appointed administrators and liquidators have a duty to act for all stakeholders, to examine the past conduct of directors, and assess the reasonableness of related party transactions. They are unable to act for, or offer personal advice to, a company director.

By engaging Blue Ocean before you hand control of your business to an insolvency practitioner, we can identify key issues and desired outcomes from the outset, and develop and implement a strategy that will achieve the best possible outcome. This way, the formal restructuring process that follows can be streamlined with the least amount of business interruption, less cost and less uncertainty.

Our effective strategies for distressed businesses are created from a perspective that most others are unable to offer, and our intimate knowledge of the insolvency processes will provide a strategic advantage to you. We are completely independent and will always act in your best interest – that is our commitment to you.


This service includes:

  • Informal Business Restructuring and Turnaround
  • CRO Support
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Creditor Negotiation

If the issues confronting you are complex, challenging, or threatening the future viability or continuation of your business – we will roll up our sleeves and set about creating an effective strategy to best deal with the situation, and minimise the impact of any potential harm.

If you want to avoid the formal process of administration or liquidation, our turnaround management services can quickly and efficiently identify your business issues, and implement an effective recovery strategy.

In order for us to best align our interests, our relationship with you at this stage is informal – Blue Ocean is not, nor do we seek to be, formal administrators, receivers or liquidators. Instead we act directly on your behalf as an independent interface between your existing professional advisors (i.e. lawyers and accountants) to ensure that every aspect of the restructuring exercise is properly coordinated.

Our specialist experience and expertise in distressed situations allows us to anticipate any issues you may face, guide you through the correct way to approach these and conduct critical transactions, and find the right solutions to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Our Informal Restructuring Services include discreet workout solutions, stakeholder management, creditor negotiation, asset structuring, distressed asset advisory and CRO services.


Note: CRO – refers to the commonly used title of Chief Restructuring Officer – often an interim manager engaged to carry out the specific task of restructuring within an organisation to achieve specific outcomes, for example cost reduction initiatives and business unit divestments and/or asset sales, review and implementation of refinancing efforts.


“We believe in the fundamental principles and business teachings associated with the Blue Ocean Strategy